Navigating Career Imbalances Within Relationships

When it comes to you and your partner, is one of you more ‘successful’ than the other? If you worry that career imbalance is straining your relationship, you are not alone.

In today’s busy world, ‘a stable career’ can feel like an oxymoron. The average person will switch jobs ten times before the age of forty, says the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And that number is projected to rise.

So it’s safe to say that your partner may become more or less financially “successful” than you are at any given time. ‘Breadwinner’ status may go back and forth as the years go on. This might trigger some conflict, especially if the goal is a 50/50 partnership. But depending on how you choose to look at them, financial imbalances and career disputes can become opportunities to grow stronger as a team.

I’ve been in relationships where resentment grew when I was more successful. I’ve also been unemployed while my partner worked long hours. These scenarios can be hard to navigate, but I’ve found some great ways to cope.

So here are some tips on working through common career-related dilemmas.

Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, and my advice should never take the place of one. For serious disputes, I highly recommend couple’s counseling.

Scenario #1: The Breadwinner Feels Overburdened, While The Under-Earner Feels Un-empowered.

It’s unfortunate that modern society holds money as a primary power symbol. But when it comes to love, there are ways to change this dynamic.

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Navigating Career Imbalances Within Relationships

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